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TraitStatHandler< TP, SH > Class Template Reference

Template class for the trait's StatHandler. More...

#include <stathandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TraitStatHandler (TP *trait_proto)
virtual ~TraitStatHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StatHandler< SH >
 StatHandler ()
virtual ~StatHandler ()
virtual void clear ()
 Empties the _recorders list, they are destroyed in StatHandlerBase::reset(). More...
virtual StatRecorder< SH > * add (std::string Title, std::string Name, age_t AGE, unsigned int ARG1, unsigned int ARG2, double(SH::*getStatNoArg)(void), double(SH::*getStatOneArg)(unsigned int), double(SH::*getStatTwoArg)(unsigned int, unsigned int), void(SH::*setStat)(void))
 Adds a StatRecorder to the list, it is also added to the StatHandlerBase::_stats list. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from StatHandlerBase
 StatHandlerBase ()
virtual ~StatHandlerBase ()
virtual void reset ()
 Empties the _stats list and calls clear() (defined in the derived class). More...
Metapopget_pop_ptr ()
void set_service (StatServices *srv)
StatServicesget_service ()
unsigned int getOccurrence ()
unsigned int getNumOccurrences ()
unsigned int getCurrentOccurrence ()
unsigned int getNbRecorders ()
std::list< StatRecBase * > & getStats ()
virtual void add (StatRecBase *rec)
virtual void init ()
virtual void update ()
 This function is left empty as the StatServices calls StatRecorder::setVal directly. More...
virtual bool setStatRecorders (std::string &token)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Handler
virtual ~Handler ()

Protected Attributes

TP * _SHLinkedTrait
 Pointer to a TraitProtoype object. More...
int _SHLinkedTraitIndex
 Index of the trait in the Individual::Traits table. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from StatHandler< SH >
std::list< StatRecorder< SH > * > _recorders
 The list of stat recorders. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from StatHandlerBase
 Link to the current population, set through the link to the StatService. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from StatHandler< SH >
typedef std::list
< StatRecorder< SH >
* >::iterator 

Detailed Description

template<class TP, class SH>
class TraitStatHandler< TP, SH >

Template class for the trait's StatHandler.

Constructor links to a given trait prototype. The pointer and index of the trait prototype are stored in the class. They can be accessd through the _SHLinkedTrait and _SHLinkedTraitIndex members to get the stats.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class TP, class SH >
TraitStatHandler< TP, SH >::TraitStatHandler ( TP *  trait_proto)
180 {
181  _SHLinkedTrait = trait_proto;
182  _SHLinkedTraitIndex = trait_proto->get_index();
183 }
TP * _SHLinkedTrait
Pointer to a TraitProtoype object.
Definition: stathandler.h:171
int _SHLinkedTraitIndex
Index of the trait in the Individual::Traits table.
Definition: stathandler.h:173
template<class TP, class SH>
virtual TraitStatHandler< TP, SH >::~TraitStatHandler ( )
176 { }

Member Data Documentation

template<class TP, class SH>
TP* TraitStatHandler< TP, SH >::_SHLinkedTrait

Pointer to a TraitProtoype object.

template<class TP, class SH>
int TraitStatHandler< TP, SH >::_SHLinkedTraitIndex

Index of the trait in the Individual::Traits table.

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