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TraitFileHandler< TP > Class Template Referenceabstract

Template class for the trait's FileHandler. More...

#include <filehandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TraitFileHandler (TP *trait_proto, const char *ext)
virtual ~TraitFileHandler ()
virtual void FHwrite ()=0
virtual void FHread (string &filename)=0
virtual void set (bool rpl_per, bool gen_per, int rpl_occ, int gen_occ, int rank, string path, TP *trait_proto)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileHandler
 FileHandler (const char *ext)
virtual ~FileHandler ()
virtual void init ()
 Called by notifier during simulation setup, performs file checking. More...
virtual bool ifExist ()
 Checks if any file associated with the current file name already exists on disk. More...
virtual void set (bool rpl_per, bool gen_per, int rpl_occ, int gen_occ, int rank, string path)
 Sets the hanlder parameters. More...
virtual void set_multi (bool rpl_per, bool gen_per, int rpl_occ, TMatrix *Occ, string path)
virtual void update ()
 Updates the inner replicate and generation counters and calls FHwrite if needed by the the periodicity of the file. More...
Metapopget_pop_ptr ()
 Returns the pointer to the current metapop through the FileServices interface. More...
void set_pop_ptr (Metapop *pop_ptr)
FileServicesget_service ()
 Returns pointer to the FileServices. More...
void set_service (FileServices *srv)
std::string & get_path ()
void set_path ()
std::string & get_extension ()
void set_extension (const char *ext)
std::string & get_filename ()
 Builds and returns the current file name depending on the periodicity of the file. More...
bool get_isInputHandler ()
void set_isInputHandler (bool val)
bool get_isReplicatePeriodic ()
void set_isReplicatePeriodic (bool val)
unsigned int get_ReplicateOccurrence ()
void set_ReplicateOccurrence (unsigned int val)
bool get_isGenerationPeriodic ()
void set_isGenerationPeriodic (bool val)
unsigned int get_GenerationOccurrence ()
void set_GenerationOccurrence (unsigned int val)
unsigned int get_ExecRank ()
 unused yet... More...
void set_ExecRank (int val)
TMatrixget_OccMatrix ()
void set_OccMatrix (TMatrix *occ)
bool get_isMasterExec ()
void set_isMasterExec (bool is)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Handler
virtual ~Handler ()

Protected Attributes

TP * _FHLinkedTrait
int _FHLinkedTraitIndex
- Protected Attributes inherited from FileHandler
 Pointer to the current metapop, set during initialization within the init function. More...

Detailed Description

template<class TP>
class TraitFileHandler< TP >

Template class for the trait's FileHandler.

Constructor links to a given trait prototype. The pointer and index of the trait prototype are stored in the class. They can be accessd through the _FHLinkedTrait and _FHLinkedTraitIndex members to get the stats.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class TP>
TraitFileHandler< TP >::TraitFileHandler ( TP *  trait_proto,
const char *  ext 
232  :
233 FileHandler(ext), _FHLinkedTrait(trait_proto), _FHLinkedTraitIndex(trait_proto->get_index())
234 { }
TP * _FHLinkedTrait
Definition: filehandler.h:219
FileHandler(const char *ext)
Definition: filehandler.h:107
int _FHLinkedTraitIndex
Definition: filehandler.h:220
template<class TP>
virtual TraitFileHandler< TP >::~TraitFileHandler ( )
223 {}

Member Function Documentation

template<class TP>
virtual void TraitFileHandler< TP >::FHread ( string &  filename)
pure virtual
template<class TP>
virtual void TraitFileHandler< TP >::FHwrite ( )
pure virtual
template<class TP>
void TraitFileHandler< TP >::set ( bool  rpl_per,
bool  gen_per,
int  rpl_occ,
int  gen_occ,
int  rank,
string  path,
TP *  trait_proto 

References FileHandler::set().

Referenced by TProtoBDMI::loadFileServices(), TProtoQuanti::loadFileServices(), TProtoNeutralGenes::loadFileServices(), and TProtoDeletMutations_bitstring::loadFileServices().

237 {
238  FileHandler::set(rpl_per, gen_per, rpl_occ, gen_occ,rank, path);
239  _FHLinkedTrait = trait_proto;
240  _FHLinkedTraitIndex = trait_proto->get_index();
241 }
TP * _FHLinkedTrait
Definition: filehandler.h:219
virtual void set(bool rpl_per, bool gen_per, int rpl_occ, int gen_occ, int rank, string path)
Sets the hanlder parameters.
Definition: filehandler.h:193
int _FHLinkedTraitIndex
Definition: filehandler.h:220

Member Data Documentation

template<class TP>
TP* TraitFileHandler< TP >::_FHLinkedTrait
template<class TP>
int TraitFileHandler< TP >::_FHLinkedTraitIndex

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