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TTraitWithMap Class Reference

TTraitWithMap. More...

#include <ttrait_with_map.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TTraitWithMap ()
virtual ~TTraitWithMap ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TTrait
virtual void init ()=0
 Called to allocate the trait's genotypic sequences. More...
virtual void init_sequence ()=0
 Called at the start of each replicate, sets the initial genotypes. More...
virtual void reset ()=0
 Called at the end of each simulation/replicate, deallocates sequence memory. More...
virtual void inherit (TTrait *mother, TTrait *father)=0
 Inheritance procedure, creates a new trait from mother's and father's traits. More...
virtual void mutate ()=0
 Mutation procedure, perform mutations on the genes sequence. More...
virtual void * set_trait (void *value)=0
 Called to set the phenotypic to a particular value or to give context-dependant value(s) to the trait. More...
virtual void set_sequence (void **seq)=0
 Called to set the sequence pointer to an existing trait. More...
virtual double get_allele_value (int loc, int all)=0
 Called to read one allele value at a particular locus. More...
virtual void set_allele_value (unsigned int locus, unsigned int allele, double value)=0
 Called to change the allelic value at a particular locus. More...
virtual void set_value ()=0
 Tells the trait to set its phenotype from genotype, should be used instead of getValue(). More...
virtual void * getValue () const =0
 Genotype to phenotype mapper. More...
virtual trait_t get_type () const =0
 type accessor. More...
virtual void ** get_sequence () const =0
 sequence accessor. More...
virtual void show_up ()=0
 Writes some info to stdout. More...
virtual TTraitclone ()=0
 Returns a copy of itself. More...
virtual ~TTrait ()
virtual TTraitoperator= (const TTrait &)=0
 Copies the complete state of the trait from right to left side of the operator, sequence data included. More...
virtual bool operator== (const TTrait &)=0
 Checks for parameters equivalence, not genetic equivalence. More...
virtual bool operator!= (const TTrait &)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from StorableComponent
virtual void store_data (BinaryStorageBuffer *saver)=0
 Interface to store the component data (e.g. gene values) into a binary buffer. More...
virtual bool retrieve_data (BinaryStorageBuffer *reader)=0
 Interface to retrieve the same data from the binary buffer. More...
virtual ~StorableComponent ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TTraitWithMap::TTraitWithMap ( )
243 :_myProto(0) {}
TTProtoWithMap * _myProto
Definition: ttrait_with_map.h:239
virtual TTraitWithMap::~TTraitWithMap ( )
245 {}

Member Data Documentation

TTProtoWithMap* TTraitWithMap::_myProto

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