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LCE_SeedDisp Class Reference

#include <LCEdisperse.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LCE_SeedDisp ()
virtual ~LCE_SeedDisp ()
virtual bool setParameters ()
virtual LifeCycleEventclone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp
 LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp ()
virtual ~LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp ()
bool setParameters (string prefix)
void Migrate ()
void Migrate_propagule ()
void MigratePatch (sex_t SEX, unsigned int LocalPatch)
void MigratePatch_AbsorbingBorder (sex_t SEX, unsigned int LocalPatch)
virtual void execute ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LCE_Disperse_base
 LCE_Disperse_base ()
virtual ~LCE_Disperse_base ()
 Deallocates the disp matrix. More...
bool setBaseParameters (string prefix)
void setParamPrefix (string pref)
void addParameters (string prefix, ParamUpdaterBase *updater)
unsigned int getMigrationPatchForward (sex_t SEX, unsigned int LocalPatch)
unsigned int getMigrationPatchBackward (sex_t SEX, unsigned int LocalPatch)
void setPropaguleTargets ()
void swapPostDisp ()
void reset_counters ()
void set_isForward (bool val)
bool checkForwardDispersalMatrix (TMatrix *mat)
bool checkBackwardDispersalMatrix (TMatrix *mat)
void allocateDispMatrix (sex_t sex, unsigned int dim)
bool setDispMatrix ()
bool setReducedDispMatrix ()
 The reduced dispersal matrix contains the indices of the patches to which each patch is connected. More...
bool updateDispMatrix ()
bool setIsland_MigrantPool_Matrix ()
bool setIsland_PropagulePool_Matrix ()
bool setSteppingStone1DMatrix ()
bool setLatticeMatrix ()
 Sets the dispersal matrices for the Lattice dispersal model. More...
bool setBasicLatticeMatrix (int side, double phi_mal, double phi_fem, double disp_mal, double disp_fem)
bool setLatticeTorrusMatrix (int side, double disp_mal, double disp_fem, TMatrix *grid)
bool setLatticeAbsorbingMatrix ()
bool setLatticeReflectingMatrix (int side, TMatrix *grid)
unsigned int getDispersalModel ()
double getPropaguleProb ()
unsigned int getPropaguleTarget (unsigned int home)
virtual void loadFileServices (FileServices *loader)
virtual void loadStatServices (StatServices *loader)
virtual age_t removeAgeClass ()
virtual age_t addAgeClass ()
virtual age_t requiredAgeClass ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LifeCycleEvent
 LifeCycleEvent (const char *name, const char *trait_link)
 Cstor. More...
virtual ~LifeCycleEvent ()
virtual void init (Metapop *popPtr)
 Sets the pointer to the current Metapop and the trait link if applicable. More...
virtual bool attach_trait (string trait)
virtual void set_paramset (std::string name, bool required, SimComponent *owner)
virtual void set_event_name (std::string &name)
 Set the name of the event (name of the ParamSet) and add the corresponding parameter to the set. More...
virtual void set_event_name (const char *name)
virtual string & get_event_name ()
 Accessor to the LCE's name. More...
virtual int get_rank ()
 Accessor to the LCE rank in the life cycle. More...
virtual void set_pop_ptr (Metapop *popPtr)
 Accessors for the population pointer. More...
virtual Metapopget_pop_ptr ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimComponent
 SimComponent ()
virtual ~SimComponent ()
virtual void loadUpdaters (UpdaterServices *loader)
 Loads the parameters and component updater onto the updater manager. More...
virtual void set_paramset (ParamSet *paramset)
 Sets the ParamSet member. More...
virtual void set_paramsetFromCopy (const ParamSet &PSet)
 Reset the set of parameters from a another set. More...
virtual ParamSetget_paramset ()
 ParamSet accessor. More...
virtual void add_parameter (Param *param)
 Interface to add a parameter to the set. More...
virtual void add_parameter (std::string Name, param_t Type, bool isRequired, bool isBounded, double low_bnd, double up_bnd)
 Interface to add a parameter to the set. More...
virtual void add_parameter (std::string Name, param_t Type, bool isRequired, bool isBounded, double low_bnd, double up_bnd, ParamUpdaterBase *updater)
 Interface to add a parameter and its updater to the set. More...
virtual Paramget_parameter (std::string name)
 Param getter. More...
virtual double get_parameter_value (std::string name)
 Param value getter. More...
virtual string get_name ()
 Returnd the name of the ParamSet, i.e. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from LCE_Disperse_base
unsigned int _npatch
- Protected Attributes inherited from LifeCycleEvent
std::string _event_name
 The param name to be read in the init file. More...
 The ptr to the current Metapop. More...
std::string _LCELinkedTraitType
 The name of the linked trait. More...
int _LCELinkedTraitIndex
 The index in the individual's trait table of the linked trait. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SimComponent
 The parameters container. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LCE_SeedDisp::LCE_SeedDisp ( )

References LCE_Disperse_base::addParameters(), LifeCycleEvent::set_event_name(), and setParameters().

Referenced by clone().

1309  : LifeCycleEvent ("seed_disp","")
1310 {
1311  ParamUpdater<LCE_SeedDisp> * updater =
1314 // cout << "calling LCE_SeedDisp()\n";
1316  set_event_name("seed_disp"); //this resets the paramset, erases the params added by LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp
1318  addParameters("seed_disp", updater);
1320 // get_paramset()->show_up();
1321 }
Implementation of the ParamUpdaterBase interface.
Definition: param.h:348
LifeCycleEvent(const char *name, const char *trait_link)
Definition: lifecycleevent.h:98
void addParameters(string prefix, ParamUpdaterBase *updater)
virtual void set_event_name(std::string &name)
Set the name of the event (name of the ParamSet) and add the corresponding parameter to the set...
Definition: lifecycleevent.h:148
virtual bool setParameters()
Definition: LCEdisperse.h:157
virtual LCE_SeedDisp::~LCE_SeedDisp ( )
156 {}

Member Function Documentation

virtual LifeCycleEvent* LCE_SeedDisp::clone ( )

Reimplemented from LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp.

References LCE_SeedDisp().

158 {return new LCE_SeedDisp();}
virtual bool LCE_SeedDisp::setParameters ( )

Reimplemented from LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp.

References LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp::setParameters().

Referenced by LCE_SeedDisp().

157 {return LCE_Disperse_ConstDisp::setParameters("seed_disp");}
virtual bool setParameters()
Definition: LCEdisperse.h:143

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