Nemo  2.3.46
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBinaryDataLoaderA class to load a whole population from a binary data file
 CBinaryDataSaverA class to handle simulation data saving in binary format
 CBinaryFileParserRetrieves simulation parameters from a binary data file
 CBinaryStorageBufferA class to store any kind of data in a char buffer before unloading it in a binary data file
 CbitstringNon-template and faster implementation of std::bitset
 CComponentManagerClass to manage the simulation components and prototypes
 CDataTableA class to aggregate structured data in an array
 CEventFileHandlerTemplate class for the LCEs StatHandler classes
 CEventStatHandlerTemplate class for the LCEs StatHandler classes
 CFHLogWriterFile Handler used to save the simulation parameters to a log file
 CFHPedigreeReaderA class to read a pedigree from a file
 CFileHandlerInterface to handle file input/output for any SimComponent
 CFileParserText input parameter file parser
 CFileServicesA class to manage the files associated with each components of the simulation
 CHandlerService handler (an observer)
 CIndFactoryFactory of Individual, stores the individual prototype and the trait prototypes, manages the individual garbage collector
 CIndividualThis class contains traits along with other individual information (sex, pedigree, etc. )
 CLCE_AgingRemoves all adults from the patches and randomly moves the offspring to the adults age class
 CLCE_BreedImplementation of the basic breeding and mating procedures, does not link to any trait
 CLCE_Breed_baseBase class for the breeding (and mating) life cycle events
 CLCE_Breed_DispersePerforms breeding and migration in one, migration rates are backward rates
 CLCE_Breed_SelectionComposite LCE implementing breeding and viability selection on a given trait type
 CLCE_Breed_Selection_DisperseComposite LCE performing breeding, migration and viability selection all in one
 CLCE_Breed_WolbachiaBreeding LCE when individuals carry the Wolbachia endosymbiotic parasite
 CLCE_CrossA class to perform crosses within patches, implements the NC1 mating design
 CLCE_Disperse_baseThe base class of the dispersal LCEs, all events move offspring to the post-dispersal patch containers
 CLCE_Disperse_ConstDispDispersal event with constant dispersal rates
 CLCE_Disperse_EvolDispDispersal event with an evolving dispersal rate given by the "disp" trait
 CLCE_FileServicesNotifierEvent used to notify all file handlers to update their state through the FileServices::notify() interface
 CLCE_Init_BDMIAllelic frequency initialiser for the DBMI trait
 CLCE_NtrlInitSet patch-specifiec initial genotypes values
 CLCE_ParamUpdaterNotifierCalls the UpdaterServices to notify its components of a generation change
 CLCE_Patch_ExtinctionRandomly removes individuals from the patches according to the extinction rate parameter
 CLCE_QuantiInitSet patch-specifiec initial genotypes values
 CLCE_RegulationRegulates the patches to their carrying capacity, acts on each age class separately
 CLCE_ResizeA class to change the size of the population/patches during a simulation
 CLCE_Selection_baseBase class performing (viability) selection on an arbitrary trait
 CLCE_SelectionSHStatHandler class for the LCE_Selection class
 CLCE_StatFHFileHandler of the LCE_StatServiceNotifier class, writes the recorded stats to txt files
 CLCE_StatServiceNotifierInitiates the StatServices' parameters (log time) when registering, calls StatServices::notify() when executing
 CLifeCycleEventBase class of the Life Cycle Events, declares the LCE interface
 CMetapopTop class of the metapopulation structure, contains the patches
 CMPIenvMPI environment setup
 CMPStatHandlerA StatHandler for the Metapop SimComponent
 CParamThis structure stores one parameter, its definition and its string argument
 CParamManagerClass to manage the sets of parameters of the simulation components
 CParamSetParameters container, implemented in each SimComponent
 CParamsParserProvides interface to read input parameters from various sources and parses them
 CParamUpdaterImplementation of the ParamUpdaterBase interface
 CParamUpdaterBaseBase class of the ParamUpdater class used to handle the temporal parameter argument values
 CPatchSecond class in the metapopulation design structure, between the Metapop and Individual classes
 CRANDRandom number generation class, uses various types of random generators depending on the implementation
 CServiceInterface for the simulation services (files and stats)
 CSimBuilderProvides methods to build the user's selected set of life cycle events and traits from the parameters
 CSimComponentInterface to all basic components of a simulation (traits, life cycle events, pop, etc. )
 CSIMenvGlobal class exposing the current SimRunner throughout the code
 CSimRunnerPerforms the setup of the Metapop and SimComponents and runs the simulation
 CStatHandlerA class to compute and store the summary statistics associated with a SimComponent
 CStatHandlerBaseBase class of the StatHandler class, implements the Handler interface
 CStatRecBaseBase class for the StatRecorder's, declares the interface to record stat values
 CStatRecorderStores the pointers to the StatHandler's stat functions
 CStatServicesThe Service class used to manage the StatHandler objects
 CStorableComponentProvides an interface to binary data saving and uploading
 CStreamParserRead parameters from a text buffer
 CTMatrixA class to handle matrix in params, coerces matrix into a vector of same total size
 CTProtoDeletMutations_bitstringPrototype class of the bitstring-deleterious mutations trait class
 CTProtoDispersalPrototype of the evolving dispersal trait, defines the sex-specific trait type
 CTProtoNeutralGenesPrototype class for the TTNeutralGenes trait class
 CTProtoWolbachiaPrototype of the Wolbachia trait
 CTraitFileHandlerTemplate class for the trait's FileHandler
 CTraitPrototypeTTrait setter
 CTraitStatHandlerTemplate class for the trait's StatHandler
 CtstringA global class to handle string conversions and operations
 CTTBDMI_FHFileHandler for the DBMI trait
 CTTBDMI_SHStatHandler for the DBMI trait
 CTTDeletMutations_bitstringBitstring implementation of TTDeletMutations with recombination
 CTTDeletMutBitstrFHThe FileHandler associated with the TTDeletMutations_bitstring trait
 CTTDeletMutBitstrSHThe StatHandler for TTDeletMutations_bitstring
 CTTDispersalEvolving dispersal trait, codes for female (_type = FDISP) or male (_type = MDISP) sex-specific dispersal rates
 CTTDispersalSHThe StatHandler for the evolving dispersal traits
 CTTNeutralGenesMicrosatellites genome
 CTTNeutralGenesFHA file handler to save the neutral markers genotypes in the FSTAT format (extended)
 CTTNeutralGenesSHThe stat handler for neutral markers
 CTTraitInterface for all trait types, declares all basic trait operations
 CTTWolbachiaTrait used to study the dynamics of spread of Wolbachia, an endosymbiotic parasite causing cytoplasmic incompatibility
 CTTWolbachiaFHFileHandler of the Wolbachia trait
 CTTWolbachiaSHStatHandler of the Wolbachia trait
 CUpdaterServicesClass to update the simulation components' state during a simulation

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